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Welcome to the Sheriffs Office of Terra Australis!

Discovering that our government is actually a foreign owned corporation is one thing, its quite another to witness the extent of their violence towards the people.

Its apparent this behaviour towards the people is becoming more and more prevalent with lawlessness abounding in our community.

Our federal and local governments, which operate on the maritime system of Guardianship; are losing their grip, as many more people wake up to this truth and begin to discover the deception we have lived under for decades.

Guardianship is a ‘nice’ and ‘deceptive’ label for slavery. 
This system has been in place for 721 years.  Humanity has been inside the privately owned Trust, called Unum Sanctum.  In which Pope Boniface declared the Vatican owned the planet and everyone on it. 

 The local police in each state are policy enforcers for the global corporate government.  Their rules are passed through the class based system of Parliament, founded in 1265. And these days is managed by the private BAR Guild; the British Accredited Registry; founded in 1541 to manage Humanity, as the ‘poor’, within the Poor Laws of 1535.
Statute and Legislation, created in Parliament are not Law.  It is the private rules of the private BAR club.  It is called Law.   But it is of inferior Jurisdiction, called Legal.
Also known as Legal fiction.

Ancient Lore/Law is very precise. It is not made up by men and women in Parliament.  
You may visit Crown Executive Orders for very comprehensive writings on Lore/Law.

Go to ‘We The People Speak’ for daily ‘blasts’ on Law.

The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth: Matthew 5:5

Have you been violated by the Corporations?

Have you been Violated by the corporations?
Have you been abused or assaulted by the police enforcers?
Have you been arrested without lawful due process?  
Did the claimant prove their claim.  
Have you had children snatched by DCP without any due process, lawful or legal?
You can now report these violations to the Common Law Sheriffs.

As we advance our communities post Covid19 our Common Law Assemblies develop.  And folks are welcomed to participate. 
The Sheriffs Office of Terra Australis has been developed out of the Sovereign Peoples Assembly of Western Australia, as we are increasingly receiving reports from the People outlining Crimes Against Humanity by the Police and Corporate Departments.

What We Can Do

On 8th May 2023, the 21st Grand Jury of Terra Australis passed an order, that We The People may now name our Public Servants, paid on the public purse and employed by us, for their failures in Lawful Due Process, and the damage and harm that failure causes to the People.

You can read the order here…..

If you are embroiled in a matter with a court, council, government department, 

we may be able to assist you to manage your matter. 

Send the details to

Common Law Court

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